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2022-09-23 23:08:06 By : Mr. Beck peng

A fabric shaver, 'superbalm' and more genius hacks for your everyday routine

We all have our passions — and for one woman, that passion sits neatly suspended in her freezer drawer.

On Sept. 16, TikTok user, whose real name is Junie Kim, posted a video to her account outlining why she has nine different types of ice meticulously organized in her freezer. The video, which has garnered over 14 million views and 2 million likes in less than 24 hours, might make you look with disdain upon your plain old ice tray.

“When people ask me why I have 9 different types of ice cubes,” reads the caption at the start of the video. Then Kim goes through the beverages that she typically consumes in a day, all presented in glassware that is extremely pleasing to the eye. This TikToker has an aesthetic, to be sure.

There are six drinks in the video she uses to summarize her liquid intake for the day, and they include: “morning lemon water,” which she explains helps with digestion and bloating, small round ice cubes she uses for energy drinks or soda, long narrow ice cubes she uses for her water bottle and more. She definitely drinks enough water in a day, that’s for sure!

The TikToker even has two different choices for cocktails: heart-shaped cubes or infused cubes depending on the drink. Finally, she shows odd a cleanly prepared and full container of coffee ice cubes, which she uses in her morning iced coffee to not dilute her morning joe. Genius.

“I swear the different ice cube shapes really make the drinking experience so much better,” reads the caption on the video. “Whether it be for cocktails, water bottles, coffee, you name it!”

(She’s right by the way — different sized cubes melt at different rates, so your enjoyment of your coffee or cocktail can depend on the beverage’s ice and how much you want to dilute it based on the time you take to drink it.)

Although she only displays the ice being used in six separate drinks during her TikTok, at the start of the video, she shows the assortment in a panning shot from the right side of her freezer to the left in glorious, icy splendor.

In order, you see that the nine kinds of ice are: cube, large hearts, large and medium-sized spheres, cocktail spheres with fruit, cubes with lemon, ice balls, coffee cubes and, finally, cylindrical. You have to hand it to her: She has a system down pat.

The clip that went viral is actually a reply to a comment on another one of the TikToker’s videos about her ice collection, where she simply shows off her ice drawer without delving into the details. The public clearly wanted more and made it known in the comments, with thousands of people chiming in the comments section.

“This is the kind of extra I strive to be,” said one commenter.

“If someone was casually like ‘what shape ice would you like?’ I would not know how to appropriately express my gratitude,” commented another person.

All this attention on her ice collection has allowed Kim to start an ice-loving community of sorts on the platform.

"I never expected this video to blow up the way it did, but I’m glad it can bring the same happiness and entertainment to people," Kim told TODAY Food.

Social media helps another community find its people — that’s as beautiful as an ice sculpture.

“I just wanted to share that excitement with the world,” Kim said. “Call me extra, but I love elevating my daily life with these types of small upgrades.”

Washington, D.C. native Joseph Lamour is a lover of food: its past, its present and the science behind it. With food, you can bring opposites together to form a truly marvelous combination, and he strives to take that sentiment to heart in all that he does.